Polish sea flag for all types of pleasure boats up to 24 meters in length.

 ITS - BOAT & YACHT POLISH REGISTRATION has participated in direct consultations with the Polish boat registry administration since its inception in order to optimize and improve the new Reja24 registration system. We were the first, together with our coworkers from all over the world, to register the first boats for foreign customers according to the new Polish regulations.

Register your boat directly with us and we will be your legal representative recognized by the Polish registry administration.

Our unit price is from 400 € including VAT.

The new Polish legislation makes registration possible in a short time (2 to7 days) to obtain the preliminary registration certificate, which allows you to sail your boat in international waters. 

Our team of Polish registrars speaks Spanish, Italian, English, French and German. If you contact us we will answer you and explain any doubts in your language.

Sailing under the Polish flag means that you accept our legislation. Therefore, when switching the previous flag to the Polish, you are opting for the least restrictive and the most sensible legislation currently available.

In order to register the boat in Poland, it is not necessary to pass any technical inspection. After registering your boat, you are not required to pass the periodic inspections if it is less than 15 meters long. Technical inspection is mandatory for commercial boats and those longer than 15 meters.

For commercial boats up to 15 meters in length, we support you through our official Polish maritime inspectors.

The registration process in Poland requires basic documents and the owner of the boat does not have to be a resident of Poland or even a country of the European Union.

Do you have problems with deregistering the Belgian, French, Dutch, or German flag? We will also help you solve them.